Hello! I am Richard Khuptong

A multidisciplinary Graphic Designer. Apart from Graphic Design, my works includes Calligraphy, Films and Music production


I practise both Traditional and Modern Calligraphy. My art also include abstract calligraphy writings

Graphic Design

70% of my works are Graphic related. Be it from Book designing to Identity creation


I enjoy cinematography and the process that are invovles in the production of a good motion media

About Me
Richard Khuptong, depicts the hollowness of the voices he heard growing up in a land disrupted by violence and killings. A self-taught artist, his expression of the unheard and often misunderstood tribal brethren back home through calligraphy is inspired by his experiences in music and digital design.
He is inspired by the ability of letters and abstract art within calligraphy, that allows him the freedom to tell stories. His thoughts are often disruptive and political. 
He is a great advocate of tribal art which is often labeled as handicraft by many people. He has furthered this cause by creating platforms such as weareindiegenius.com where art inspired by tribal culture is made available as wearables and nativestrokes.com which invites select artists to collaborate on tribal issues through art.

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Here are my journals. My perspective on what is happening and an insight to my daily life

Ink to get you started

When writing and practicing calligraphy you can almost use any kinds of ink. There are so many options out there which are cheap but according to my experiences I do not recommend working with a Read more...


Calligraphy in India

After all the hassle and problems I face as a Calligrapher trying to source tools and supplies here in India, I finally thought that I will share some of my sources. I often get the Read more...

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